inflatable seals

Material of construction

The material of the inflatable sealing depends on the application environment,
For example:

  • Silicone rubber is used when high temperature is required;
  • EPDM rubber is used when aging resistance is required;
  • Nitrile rubber is used in the case of acid-base corrosion or oil pollution


In the natural state, the stretchable part of the inflatable seal is hidden in the groove. When the seal is inflated through the air nozzle, the seali will be deformed due to the internal pressure, and the middle part will bulge outwards to closely contact with the other sealing surface to play a sealing role. When the sealing state needs to be released, the high-pressure gas in the seal is discharged through the air nozzle, and the expansion part is automatically retracted into the groove by the elastic action of the rubber, and is separated from the sealing surface.


The inflatable seal is generally installed in the groove. When installing, it should be noted that the seal should be completely hidden in the groove to prevent the opening and closing of the hatch from damaging the seal;

The air compressor matching the inflatable seal should be equipped with a pressure limiting valve. The inflation pressure generally starts from 0.1MPa and gradually increases until the sealing effect is achieved, and does not exceed 0.6MPa.


  • It is used to install on the side-by-side doors, sliding doors and flange doors of various mechanical equipment for gas sealing, noise sealing, heat treatment sealing, liquid sealing, such as oven door for steam sealing, laboratory, ultra-clean room, soundproof room for noise isolation, freezing room, building waterproof sealing, truck rear door for mud sealing, molding machine, coating machine for sand sealing, pharmaceutical coating machine, isolator, washing machine, dryer aseptic isolation operation , and a glove leak tester for efficient sealing, etc.
  • Installed on the valve of the material conveying pipeline to form a closed space for conveying powder, granule and liquid;
  • Installed on both sides of the packaging conveyor belt to do the necessary stage control of the packaging box;
  • It is used to control the production process of electronic products and make necessary sealing on transportation tools.

Specifications and models

Generally, the type of inflatable sealing is divided by the specification and cross-sectional shape of the inflatable sealing.
From the cross-sectional shape, there are round, rectangular, square, trapezoidal, D-type, C-type, V-type, M-type and other types of inflatable sealing.


Certificate of raw material

in compliace with

US FDA 21 CFR 177.2600- Total extractives

German Food, Articles of Daily Use and Feed Code of September 1, 2005 (LFGB)